United Auto Industries

Launching an unconventional product is always a big challenge until the plan is accurate. United motorcycle decided to launch scooty in Pakistan which was a new trend overall, we planned brand activation for scooty as it was a female oriented brand so we decided to target the universities which are female oriented. BLACKDIAOMOND successfully launched the campaign nationwide and it gave a high sale boost to the product.

The brand activation campaign orchestrated by Black Diamond proved to be a game-changer for United Motorcycle’s Scooty. With a laser-focused approach, the agency skillfully identified universities as the prime locations for their promotional efforts. By targeting these institutions, they tapped into a concentrated group of young women who were eager for a convenient and stylish mode of transportation. The results of Black Diamond’s efforts were nothing short of phenomenal. The brand activation campaign generated a significant sales boost for United Motorcycle’s scooty. 

BlackDiamond and Scooty’s Campus Marketing Success

BlackDiamond’s expertise in marketing and brand activation allowed them to craft a campaign that resonated with their target audience. They leveraged various channels, including social media, influencer collaborations, and on-campus events, to generate widespread awareness and interest in the scooty. The agency’s creative and engaging content showcased the scooty’s features, benefits, and overall appeal, enticing potential customers to consider this unconventional yet empowering mode of transportation. By precisely targeting universities, a female-oriented demographic, they effectively introduced an unconventional product and significantly boosted its sales.