Ronaq-E-Ramzan Ramzan Decor at Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall is the second largest shopping Mall of Pakistan as it offers one-stop shopping experience to the shopaholics. With its more than two hundred branded outlets, this plush shopping center has just become one of the most-visited place in Lahore. Located in Johar Town in the walled city of Lahore, it provides a central destination both to the shopping-loving people and the visitors. Moreover, this remarkable venture of Nishat Group has made it one of the largest shopping center for its greatest leasable area.

Emporium Mall by Nishat Group is a favorite spot for the people who love to go on a shopping spree and want to delight in the world-class eateries. Interestingly, the amazing play area lures the kids and adults towards the thrilling and fun-filled sliding, games and other sports.
The Holy Month Of Ramzan is one of the most important months of the Islamic calendar for Muslims all over the world. Muslims celebrate it with full zeal and fervor. The beauty of this holy month is that it brings with it a lot of Ramadan celebrations and traditions from all around the world. Ramzan decor brings a vibrant and festive atmosphere to places and streets during the holy month of Ramadan. With colorful lanterns, intricate lights, and elegant Islamic calligraphy, it creates a joyous ambiance that reflects the spirit of this sacred time.

In Emporium mall , the Ramzan of 2022 was celebrated. The authorities of Emporium mall announced a big opurtunity of Iftar and Sehr buffet on the shopping of 25k. The professional team of Black Diamond did this huge event and did the decoration at the emporium mall. The decoration of Emporium Mall was eye catching and every visitor enjoyed it and was overwhelmed by the feeling of blessing and joy. Our team did this work perfectly and our client was satisfied by the huge crowd of people attracted towards the decorations.