Brand Activation means stimulating brand performance by using innovative & creative customer engagement methods. We ensure our clients the right conversation with maximum reach to their customers by using direct marketing tactics. We are continuously developing our methods of promoting the brands by taking experiences, literally, around the world. (We develop our team members by creating them next generation direct marketing experts by providing them intensive industry –focused training).

Every brand needs state of the art promotion & marketing to sell their product in diversified market. It needs a well structured branding strategy, to communicate effectively and induce potential customers to buy their products. In order to outshine from competition, brands need to develop new, innovative and creative branding strategies that are impossible for customers to ignore or forget. We look at the company profile of our client from different angles, and suggest them various creative ideas, which are custom – made for that brand & products. We solve branding challenges by bringing the right and potential customers by special focus on the growth and development of the business via direct marketing, out of the box strategies & plans.

Event management

1.Mall Activations

2.Market Activations

3.LMT’s /IMT’s Activations

4.Float Activations / Road Shows

5.Shop Fascia Campaigns

6.Gondola’s / Customized Displays

7.Brandings Solutions